Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

Recent News

The General Meeting in June

The agenda is shown below and the minutes of that meeting follow the agenda (these are in pdf and will open in a new window)


  1. Welcome address
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Chair’s Review of activities since last AGM
  4. Summary of the changes to the pedestrianised area of the Green
  5. Update on the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations
  6. Hoppers Road Development
  7. Forest School Nursery
  8. State of local pavements

Refreshments (approximately 8 to 8.15pm)

  1. Update by Robert Taylor on the Meadway consultation and local election results
  2. Talks by local politicians: Cllr Maria Alexandrou (Conservative) and Cllr Lee Chamberlain (Conservative)
  3. Discussions on Local Issues

Hoppers Road Development (Update 11th July)


There has been no decision yet on this application, they set a determination date of 30th May 2022 so there are clearly issues with the application. We will let you know as and when there is a decision. 

The garages on  Hoppers Road between Arundel Gardens and Arlow Road junctions were sold recently and the developers Hilton Maydal have acquired the plot.

They propose a build 9 flats of varying sizes to be squeezed into this triangular shaped plot. As you can see from the photo above which although tries to minimise the height comparison with buildings around it, the building still dominates the road and other houses and this is clear from the drawings of the elevations below.

They asked HPD a planning company to run a consultation which happened in early March, the invitation for this consultation can be seen to the left (to read the letter click on the image and it will open as a pdf). This invite was only circulated to a very small number of properties in Hoppers Road in the vicinity of the proposed development.

Many questions were asked many of which were still unanswered during and after this process.

The developers have now submitted a planning application which you can see here.

The WHRA doesn’t object to the development in principle but we oppose the application for these reasons:

  • The consultation period was not wide enough and was too rushed, a box ticking exercise, poorly carried out.
  • The height of the proposed building is too high in comparison to the houses around it
  • The overall design is not in keeping with the surrounding architectural style including the facades and roofs
  • The density of building, the floor space of each flat and the narrow rooms that are proposed are not appropriate
If you want to object to this application then please do so, either via the planning website (you need to be registered and logged in – doesn’t take 5 mins to register though) or via this email, the deadline for comments is the 8th May 2022

Moped Parking on the Green

The dining on the Green scheme as of January has been made permanent. We were always supportive of the scheme and we know it is very popular but there is unquestionably an imbalance between the benefits of the scheme for those businesses who offer food and are well positioned to have outdoor seating and those that are non-food related or not able to offer outdoor seating and of course residents who live above the shops and near the Green.

We have been pushing for changes to the plan when and if it was made permanent as the current design allows for and encourages mopeds to ride on the pavement and for cars to park at both ends of the Green to pick up from Going Greek and from Hopper and Bean. This emboldens people to park on Hoppers Road itself where the bus needs to stop to pick up and drop off passengers and unbelievably actually on the grass on the Green on occasions!











There have been changes put forward by Enfield which they plan to implement now the scheme has been made permanent, most of which we agree with, you can click here to see a pdf including the plans and our feedback on these changes.

What we want to draw your attention to one of the major issues that we have with the scheme and development of the delivery business by Going Greek; which is the mopeds. The sheer volume of orders that Going Greek has been able to build and maintain since the lockdown coming in from 12 noon to 11pm necessitates an army of mopeds which we are sure you have all seen who sit outside Mistress Appleby and have completely killed the trade the shop had before this scheme was implemented. They ride across the pavement and park indiscriminately in this area.

The new plan considered moving the place where they would be allowed to park to outside Fullers, we opposed that on the basis that it wasn’t fair on Fullers to have the mopeds in front their premises. The other option that is now being put forward is on the cobbles at the top of the Green as shown below.

We also oppose this as this is a heritage space and in front of the trough that we believe will end up as an ashtray. There should be a space allocated for motorcycles in the section of new pay and display parking (this will replace the residents parking in the slip road running to the roundabout by the King’s Head from Broad Walk) that you can see above where the black mini is parked.

This has been made clear to the council but they are reluctant to consider this presumably as they would lose a pay and display space but we want to put pressure on them to do this and we will be asking for the help of all of our members if they agree with us that this is the right place for the mopeds to be.


If we don’t do this then I think we will always regret not trying harder to have changed Enfield’s mind and part of the appeal of the Green and the way it looks will be changed forever.

Please fill in the Google form survey by clicking on the image below to oppose the idea of moving the mopeds to the cobbles at the top of the Green and persuade Enfield they should have their own parking spot in the pay and display parking.


Please also if you can express your opposition to some or all of the people below, this will create a clear voice to the people directly involved, their seniors and others at Enfield whose attention should be brought to this issue:

Matthew Davies (Senior Traffic and Transportation Engineer managing the changes to the Green)

David Taylor (Head of Traffic and Transportation)

David Morris (Parking Services Manager)

Doug Wilkinson (Director of Environment and Operations)

Ian Davies (Chief Executive)

Sarah Cary (Executive Director Place)