Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

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Bus Prioritisation Scheme on Green Lanes



This isn’t in our area but we thought you would still be interested to hear about a campaign that we would like to support to stop Enfield and TFL’s proposal to make the bus lane in Green Lanes 7am to 7pm instead of 4pm to 7pm.

This is the bus lane that runs in the last section of Green Lanes before the North Circular, travelling north from Lascotts Road to the junction with the North Circular. The affect of this would be to lose 18 pay and display spaces that shoppers can use to visit the shops up until 4pm. These spaces are a lifeline to the shops and without these they fear for their future.

The deadline for the consultation is 13th December 2021 so if you would like to sign the petition you can do so here.

Please also feedback via the Enfield consultation website here:



AGM Minutes and associated documents

Post-AGM Roundup


Many thanks to the many people who attended the AGM. We are sorry for the delay in publishing the minutes but they are now but is now available as a pdf on the website by clicking here. Also available is the agenda that you can access here. The changes to the constitution that we passed can be viewed here and the map showing the boundary changes that were proposed and passed as part of the constitution changes which can be viewed here.

We mention the survey we did earlier this year at the meeting in relation to the position we take on a number of issues, if you would like to see the results of this survey, then please take a look at the report here.

We are planning to have a further meeting in the first couple of months of 2022 as we know that many people welcome the opportunity to discuss issues and ideas in this kind of forum as well as the chance to talk to the councillors and MP if available. We will update you on the date shortly.


We would like to say a big thank to Paul at Mostons the accountants on the Green for certifying our accounts. Please consider using them if you need an accountant!


The Enfield Draft Local Plan

The Enfield Draft Local Plan

Enfield have drawn up a draft local plan for consultation. The plan aims to consider the likely places and types of development that Enfield will have to consider over the next twenty years for building the homes that the increased population in Enfield will need and the Government will require. This plan has caused a great deal of outrage across the borough in particular because it proposes major developments that encroach on the Green Belt and development of a number of sites across the borough that are controversial. There are currently three such sites in our local area, Sainsburys (turning the car park and possibly the wooded area into space for flats), Ford’s Grove Car Park (to be developed) and Firs Farm Wetlands (which they propose as a possible site for a crematorium on the car park and adjacent football field).

The WHRA has put together a response to this document covering our objection to development on Green Belt land in the borough and specifically highlighting our objections to development on the three sites locally. You can view the document by clicking the image below.

456 Bus Route through Winchmore Hill – update January 2021

The 456 Bus Route through the centre of Winchmore Hill that was proposed and underwent a consultation process that started in October 2019 is now being implemented. The WHRA did not oppose the introduction of the bus route from the beginning as we could see that there was a case for the route based on the lack of available existing bus services along the proposed route but we could see there might be issues with some of the bus stop placements that we identified where we could and made our concerns clear.

Enfield Council published earlier in 2020 the plans for Farm Road bus stops and the loss of parking for the residents through the implementation of double yellow lines on the Highfields School side of the road.The details of where the other bus stops will be placed and their design was released just before Christmas. All the letters relating to the bus stop are below.

There has been opposition to the location of the bus stops in Station Road, the loss of parking from the double yellow lines required in Farm Road and the location and traffic caused by the bus route along Firs Lane. We have made recommendations to move the stop in the lower end of Station Road, asked the council if they can consider helping those who currently park on the road in Farm Road with costs of getting a drop kerb and changes to the bus stop design in Firs Lane. Concerns about traffic congestion along the route we believe to be exaggerated given that the bus frequency is only 2 an hour and that some of the traffic especially school traffic relevant to Firs Lane might actually be reduced with a bus service that pupils could use to get home.

The period in which they would agree to look at concerns over the bus stops (it is not a consultation as such) was extended to the 11th January. Unfortunately this has given very little time after the Christmas and New Year period for us to put together our recommendations and for us to submit them. Even after this date it might be worth sending your thoughts to the officer in charge of this scheme, Jonathan Goodson (


Our document with the recommendations for bus stop changes is here (please click on the image to open in a new tab in pdf format)


Original plan of the route (please click on the image to open in a new tab in pdf format)


Links below in green open up in pdf format in a separate tab.

Letter we sent in to the council in response to the consultation outlining our concerns for Station Road and the layby by the station

WHRA Response to consultation for new 456 Bus Route

Consultation Report


Letter sent by council outlining plans for parking restriction in Farm Road

ConsultationLetter-FarmRdDYLs-Sep2020 (1)

Plans for implementation of the parking restriction in Farm Road.

FarmRoadSketch (1)

Recent letter from the WHRA regarding loss of parking in Farm Road

Letter from WHRA to David Taylor in relation to loss of parking in Farm Road for 456 Bus Route

Letters received in December 2020 relating to placement of bus stops in Station Road top and bottom, Church Hill and Firs Lane

Letter December 18th 20290 in relation to bus stops on Station Road nearest Green Lanes

Letter December 18th 2020 in relation to bus stops on Station Road at the top near the station

Letter December 18th 2020 in relation to bus stops on Church Hill near Park View

Letter December 18th 2020 in relation to bus stops on Church Hill near Denleigh Gardens

Letter December 18th 2020 in relation to bus stops in Firs Lane