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Are you fed up with Enfield’s lack of rubbish clearance?


Maria who is our Environmental rep works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues relating to our borough and not just Winchmore Hill. She is understandably fed up, as are many people, that Enfield doesn’t seem to care or be able to spend some of the high council tax they receive from us on essential services relating to regular street cleaning and fly tipped rubbish clearance.

She has put together a petition on to highlight this and show Enfield that people in large numbers do care about this and hopefully shame the council into focusing on this as a basic service they should provide to residents regardless of the councils financial difficulty.

The petition at the time of writing this is just a couple of signatures away from a 1,000 signatures. Please help her to get to this milestone and beyond by signing the petition. You can see the petition here:


Christmas Tree and Carols

As many of you will know there was a slight change of plan with the Christmas tree. We were supposed to plant one with a rootball but the position we had in mind was deemed not to be suitable and the tree that was supplied to the company to deliver was not of the quality they were expecting. They had an 18 foot cut tree that was ordered but not going to be used by someone else so they brought that along as you can see below.

It looked great when lit and was the centre piece of the St. Paul’s Carols on the Green which was a huge success with over 400 people turning up to sing carols, enjoy mulled wine and an amazing range of food. It was a real triumph and also very importantly raised lots of money for Crisis. It just goes to show that the Christmas community spirit is alive and well.

We wanted to just say a massive thank you again to the businesses below who have been very generous in donating towards the Christmas tree especially during a time when all of us and in particular businesses are under real financial pressure. Please support these and all the other businesses in the area this Christmas and New Year.


Parking issues near Salisbury Pub

A resident has brought to our attention a situation that he says has been happening since the beginning of the year. It is difficult to believe (although unfortunately we have seen this level of anti-social behaviour on the Green so it shouldn’t be a surprise) but on a Friday and Saturday night people coming to the Salisbury Pub are parking completely on the pavement on both sides of the road and parking literally wherever they like.

The photos to the left are a couple of the worse examples but 20 cars were parked in a similar fashion a couple of weeks ago.

The sheer tenacity of the resident when dealing with the council has resulted in a promise that they would send enforcement which did happen although it is understood that relatively few tickets were issued and instead the parking enforcement team spent more time telling the pub that it was their fault. We will be working with the pub and the council to make sure that this cannot carry on.

We feel that if there is a consistent and effective enforcement over a period of at least a month of Fridays and Saturdays then the message will be understood and they will either park considerately, not bring their cars or go elsewhere. We are happy to see a local business flourish but the increased capacity that the outside area has brought has potentially seen a surge of people descending on the pub who feel the need to drive there. There is also the issue of anti-social behaviour and noise as many of this crowd stay in the vicinity of the pub and the car park after closing as well. This many cars also raises the question of whether there is drink driving going on as well. We will update you on this issue in the next couple of weeks.

If you have been affected by this please let us know by email,