Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

Recent News

Proposed constituency boundary changes

Consultation on proposed changes to MPs constituency boundaries – 5th December deadline please don’t delay in feeding back on these proposals

There is a consultation about the proposals to change the constituency boundaries for M.Ps. If you put in your postcode on the Boundary Commission for England website you can see how the boundaries would be changed.

You can see below that they propose to move us in to Edmonton constituency that runs all the way to Chingford which we think is not the right change and it makes much more sense for the boundaries to remain as they are. This boundary change would add 10,000 people to the current number of people covered by Enfield Southgate constituency. The Enfield Southgate constituency would change to be Enfield Wood Green and stretch from the M25 in the north to Turnpike Lane in the south which doesn’t make sense either. Please feed back on these change to make sure these changes are not agreed.

There is a campaign to highlight these proposed changes with a poster that you can see here. Also Cllr. Maria Alexandrou has put together a very comprehensive list of reasons why this boundary change is not in Winchmore Hill’s best interests. Please take a look at this if you plan to object to help you provide reasons for your objections. You can see this document here.



Update on Dining on the Green Consultation

Many thanks to those who made it to the AGM. There were a number of issues to cover as you will have seen from the agenda but we want to bring your attention to some important developments as far as the pedestrianisation of the Green is concerned.

The scheme has been made permanent and we supported the scheme from the beginning but the scheme needs a number of changes. This was recognised by the council who have produced a couple of different sets of plans in the last 14 months since the changes were first talked about. They have agreed on a consultation on this process which unfortunately has taken 10 months to put in place. It is now underway and there is a consultation that runs until 30th November 2022. We would urge you to read our thoughts on these proposals before you respond to the consultation.

We also feel strongly that the Green deserves a more integrated approach and so we have a two stage plan, the first part is getting the changes proposed by Enfield adapted and agreed, the second part of the plan is to simultaneously work towards a more ambitious plan based on an inspiring set of designs created by our Planning representative Niki-Marie Jansson. Niki-Marie is a local architect who grew up in the area and now works on the Green. She has a passion for this type of public space project and has the vision and skills to make this pedestrianised area into something special for future generations.

She has put together some drawings and designs showing how effective some relatively small changes could be to create a more integrated, greener and attractive entrance and boundaries to the outdoor dining area.

These are the starting point for a discussion alongside the proposed changes by Enfield Council on how we can truly make this scheme feel permanent, practical and one that works with and enhances the beauty and the heritage of the Green. We plan to work with residents and the businesses on the Green to make sure that everyone is behind the vision set out in these plans. We can then move forward to investigate sources of funding.

First things first we need to make sure that the basic changes that are being consulted on are agreed and we feel they need to be slightly adapted from the current proposal. If you agree with our thoughts please reiterate these in your response to the consultation. Even if you don’t please respond to this consultation with your feedback.

Please read our thoughts on this proposal first and then to respond to the consultation please email with the subject “Traffic Team” before the 30th November 2022. 

Please click here to see the pdf of the letter and the plan proposed by Enfield Council

Please click here to see a pdf of our response to the plans to be summitted to the consultation

Please click here to see the pdf with plans and drawings for further changes to the Green that we would like to develop


Consultation about changes to the Green

After making the closure of the slip road permanent in January there was talk of a consultation on the next phase of changes to this scheme which are long overdue to resolve many issues that have plagued this scheme since its hurried implementation during the lockdown. Plans were produced which have seen some changes over the last eight months. The consultation on these plans which was pushed for by Councillor Maria Alexandrou for which we are very grateful, was first mentioned in February and due to reasons known (elections) and many reasons unknown has not materialised until now.

The WHRA will be sharing their feedback and ideas for potential additions and changes to these plans shortly which we will share with you before the AGM but here is the link to the letter which includes the plans that has been delivered to the shops and local residents near the Green.

This consultation is of course open to anyone who has an interest in making sure this important and historic part of our community is given the respect it deserves while allowing this very popular place for people to eat and drink to continue and flourish.

Please do not to feedback on this consultation which runs until 30th November until we have outlined our thoughts in an email shortly. We hope that if you agree with us there will be enough voices asking for the same thing to make sure that the council implements this having truly taken into account the very best solutions to the issues that have been identified.