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Are you fed up with Enfield’s lack of rubbish clearance?


Maria who is our Environmental rep works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues relating to our borough and not just Winchmore Hill. She is understandably fed up, as are many people, that Enfield doesn’t seem to care or be able to spend some of the high council tax they receive from us on essential services relating to regular street cleaning and fly tipped rubbish clearance.

She has put together a petition on to highlight this and show Enfield that people in large numbers do care about this and hopefully shame the council into focusing on this as a basic service they should provide to residents regardless of the councils financial difficulty.

The petition at the time of writing this is just a couple of signatures away from a 1,000 signatures. Please help her to get to this milestone and beyond by signing the petition. You can see the petition here:


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