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Update on the changes to the Green

As we reported earlier in the year there will be changes to the layout of the pedestrianised area of the Green. The scheme has been made permanent and here is a link to the changes that have been proposed. The councillors were not kept informed of theses changes and asked for a consultation on these changes so the local residents could have their say. This was agreed to but that was in January and it was expected that this process would go ahead at the very least after the local elections. There is no date for it as yet and the WHRA along with the councillors will be pushing those responsible in the council to get this process underway so these changes can be made.

When the consultation is announced we will let all our members know so they can have their say.

Our views on the whole scheme are clear in other posts, we want the illegal parking of cars and mopeds to stop through physical closing off of the spaces they currently use plus proper enforcement which has been non-existent in the last 18 to 24 months. These proposals will solve some of the problems associated with the anti-social and illegal parking of cars and mopeds however it doesn’t go far enough and we would like the mopeds moved to the slip road on the far side of the Green that runs from Broad Walk past Uplands Court to the roundabout by the Kings Head. This is the best place for them to stay away from the Green itself but still have easy access to Going Greek to collect orders.

We already have 200 people who filled in our online petition, if you haven’t filled it in and agree with us that the mopeds should be by Uplands Court and not be moved further up the Green outside the Larder or the cobbled area at the top of the Green which has been suggested then please click on the link below.


Recently as many of you will know, Espresso and Co decided to build their own ice cream stand out of OSB boarding which received quite a few complaints and was taken down within hours. Our understanding is that they are now going through the correct channels to get permission for an ice cream stand of a more traditional style as shown below. We have subsequently become aware after investigating further that a cart or other place to trade from is allowed within the pavement licensing scheme under which the table and chairs were allowed.

Although the design shown in the photo above is quite in keeping with the conservation area, certainly more so than most designs, the risk of the other businesses wanting to sell food or drink like this will need to be closely monitored to make sure their designs have been carefully considered. The impact on the Green and trying to maintain cohesion in terms of the conservation and heritage will be further damaged by ill considered designs that may be submitted by the other businesses in due course. We want to support local businesses but there has to be consideration of the conservation and heritage nature of the Green not just the quickest and cheapest option to increase turnover.



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