Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

8th September

We are back after the summer and we apologise for the lack of recent news and updates however the committee has been meeting and we have been busy. There will be plenty of activity from the WHRA shared here in the next couple of months and there are two significant items that we want to bring to your attention. The upcoming AGM and our response to Enfield Draft Local Plan.

The AGM (Thursday 14th October 2021, Waterhouse Hall (Compton Road) from 7.30pm)

It has been almost two years now since our last AGM and we are very excited to be able to get local residents together to share what we have been doing and to talk about the issues that have been ongoing over the last two years and those that are just gaining momentum. If you are planning to come to the AGM there will be more details about how the evening will unfold shared in the next couple of weeks and of course as is customary there will be some refreshments and some snacks available on the night.

If you plan to attend could we ask you to fill in this 2 minute form. It will helps us gauge numbers and plan accordingly and also we want to know what are the pressing issues that you want to hear about or discuss. Please click on this link here

The Enfield Draft Local Plan

Enfield have drawn up a draft local plan for consultation. The plan aims to consider the likely places and types of development that Enfield will have to consider over the next twenty years for building the homes that the increased population in Enfield will need and the Government will require. This plan has caused a great deal of outrage across the borough in particular because it proposes major developments that encroach on the Green Belt and development of a number of sites across the borough that are controversial. There are currently three such sites in our local area, Sainsburys (turning the car park and possibly the wooded area into space for flats), Ford’s Grove Car Park (to be developed) and Firs Farm Wetlands (which they propose as a possible site for a crematorium on the car park and adjacent football field).

The WHRA has put together a response to this document covering our objection to development on Green Belt land in the borough and specifically highlighting our objections to development on the three sites locally. You can view the document by clicking the image below. We encourage you to respond to this consultation and object if you feel strongly about what is being proposed. The deadline for objections is the 13th September 2021 and we outline how you can do this in the document.

Friends of Firs Farm need your help

As you will see from the Enfield Draft Local Plan there is a proposal to build a crematorium on land that is currently part of Firs Farm. We are aware that many of you will have been to Firs Farm and enjoyed how this area has been transformed through the vision and sheer hard work of the Friends of Firs Farm.

The second stage of this vision beyond the creation of the wetlands and other projects in the wooded areas, was to create a café and this was planned for the car park that sits next to the road about a hundred metres from the main entrance on Firs Lane. These plans are well developed in conjunction with the council and fund raising is under way for this project. This is the same area that Enfield are proposing to build on leaving Firs Farm without this development and with a great deal of loss of habitat in the surrounding area and the playing fields which are heavily used and appreciated.

Please support their campaign to push back on these proposals. More information can be found on their website, please click here to visit.