Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

WHRA October 2020


Welcome to the first update of the website since the start of lockdown.It was clear to us during lockdown that Winchmore Hill as a community has really come together in many ways such as supporting elderly and vulnerable people with buying food and picking up essential medicines.

It feels like there have been other positive things that have come out of the lockdown and part of this has been to look around us at the things that are most important to us as life slowed down.

We think that one of these benefits has been the support of local businesses that were able to open during the lockdown and those that are starting up again more recently.

There have been a number of significant developments locally that we want to share with you some of which are positive for Winchmore Hill but also some that might change the look and feel of our neighbourhood in a more negative way.




Planning Application in Seaforth Gardens – we need to object to stop this setting a precedent locally that would have a lasting and detrimental effect on our area. Please click on the here for more information:


The Fox Lane LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme as they now known instead of Quieter Neighbourhoods) was launched in September and from what we have heard and seen are causing a great deal of chaos for both people who live within the neighbourhood and those trying to travel around it. Please click here for more information:



Outdoor dining next to the Green – an initiative that was very popular with most people in the the community but should it be a permanent set up and what would this look like? Click here to get more information.



456 Bus Route is coming and the plans for the Farm Road Parking restrictions have been published. Click here to get more information.