Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

17th June Update

WHRA Spring Newsletter

We have now finished the delivery of the newsletter to around 3,500 households in Winchmore Hill. A massive thank you goes to those members who volunteered to help us deliver the newsletter. It is a massive undertaking and we couldn’t do it without their help.

I hope you received your newsletter and you enjoyed reading it. If you haven’t received one or want to share it with friends or family please click here to download the pdf version or click on the image to the right.

Environmental Group

We have been very lucky to have about 15 people getting in touch to be involved in keeping Winchmore Hill beautiful. We do need someone who could act at the lead for this group, to plan where, when and how we can make a difference and to communicate this to the volunteers.¬† It wouldn’t take up a huge amount of time but is essential to develop the work which would be hugely beneficial for Winchmore Hill. If you would like to act as our representative on the committee in relation to this please click here to contact us here via the “Contact us form” or email


The WHRA Residents Survey

As many of you will know we conducted a survey earlier in the year of our members and residents. We had an amazing response with over 400 responses. We have now collated and reviewed all the responses. There was a lot of information as people were able to respond in detail to each question with additional information if they wanted and many people took the opportunity to tell us exactly what they thought on these issues, their arguments for and against and a great deal of interesting ideas and feedback to incorporate into our approach to these areas in due course.

We have put the survey summary and responses into a pdf which you can view here and by clicking the image to the left.