Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations


Brian Foyle – the loss of a great local figure and a guardian of Winchmore Hill’s architectural integrity


The WHRA is very sad to report that on the 27th March 2020 Brian Foyle passed away. Many of you will know him and will know that he was a longstanding committee member for many years and hugely dedicated to his role in monitoring planning matters locally. You can read in more detail about Brian’s substantial contribution to the WHRA in our news section, please click here to access this or click on the link in the right hand column.



The WHRA Corona Virus Kindness Initiative


The WHRA is following on from many other communities and organisations around the country to work together in order to help those in our area who will be most affected by the Corona virus whether through self-isolation or as result of contracting the virus. Please click here to go to our page in the news section with more details.


Enfield increase in waste collection for residents


Enfield have published changes to their refuse collection procedure. Please click here to open a pdf with the letter in a new window. You will see that they will take away additional rubbish over and above what you can fit in your bin which we will be a great help in light of the increased rubbish produced by each household during this period of self-isolation and their recent switch to fortnightly collections.



Winchmore Hill is one of the Sunday Times’s 10 Best Places to Live in London

Winchmore Hill featured in the Sunday Times’s supplement that came out on the 22nd March covering the 100 Best Places to Live in the UK and was one of ten places featured in London. Winchmore Hill, we know is a great place to live but until recently it never got the recognition that some of the established places get who are also featured in the top 10 such as Ealing, Highbury, Muswell Hill and of course the up and coming places like Bermondsey, Walthamstow and Victoria Park. Some people of course might feel there are benefits to not being acknowledged as a place people want to live and being known only to people familiar with the furthest reaches of North London but it is still nice that the qualities of this area that we all appreciate are being recognised. The WHRA hopes that the work it has done and plans for the future will further enhance all the great things about this area that contributed to its inclusion in this article, we hope you feel this pride we have and will support our work in the future to make this area even more attractive for all who live here. Please click here to open a pdf of the article.


Spring Newsletter

Please click here to open up a pdf version the Spring Newsletter.We print and deliver this newsletter for those members without access to the internet or email. It is essentially a roundup of the news you would have seen on the website and via email over the last six months since the relaunch but is a good read and a nice way to catch up with what has been happening. Many thanks to Neil Littman for doing the fantastic design and layout.