Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations


Winchmore Hill Crime Prevention

Winchmore Hill has seen a recent increase in crime. WHRA are working closely with our local police team to raise awareness of crime issues that are impacting our area. This approach allows us to provide bespoke crime prevention advice to our members, reducing the likelihood of being a victim of crime and deter opportunistic crimes from occurring.

Car Crime

Car crime in Winchmore Hill has seen a rise in keyless thefts (intercepting and using the codes from your key fob to open your car without the key) and the stealing of catalytic convertors.

We have put together a Vehicle Crime Prevention Advice document in pdf format that you can download here taken from the Neighbourhood Watch Page on this subject which is a very useful resource and well worth visiting. We have another leaflet given to us by our local PCSO Luke Lancaster at the 2023 AGM, you can see this here.


Scams whether online or over the phone are very common at the moment and it is always good to educate yourself about the form these can take so you can recognise the tell tale warning signs early. If you want to know more about scams and how to avoid them please take a look at this leaflet here. Here is a booklet specifically about Phone Scams.

Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter and the OWL email alerts

If you want to be aware of what is happening locally from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and our local PCSO Luke Lancaster you can view the November Newsletter here.

This is the link for the Neighbourhood Watch website:

You can sign up to have daily emails of what has been reported to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team from PCSO Luke Lancaster via the OWL website (Online Watch Link – a virtual Neighbour Hood Watch scheme) at

WhatsApp Groups creating virtual Neighbourhood Watch

There are a number of WhatsApp groups specific to residents of a certain road or couple of roads in the Winchmore Hill area that have been started to alert residents of any specific crime information and also to share the updates from PCSO Luke Lancaster.

If you run one then please reply to let us know the number of the administrator of the group and the roads covered.