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Planning Application made for plot in Seaforth Gardens – PLANNING APPLICATION REFUSED

The planning application has been made recently but the history of this plan goes back to 2017 and and involves the owners of 35 Broad Walk and the previous owners of 3 Seaforth Gardens creating access with a view to apply for planning permission to develop a plot of land behind these two properties. If this happens then we feel it will set a precedent and this will happen all over Winchmore Hill changing the nature of this area as we are asking for your support in objecting to this.

Here is some background:

In 2017, 3 Seaforth Gardens was sold however the previous owner of the house specifically excluded the garage from the sale that was attached to the left of the property as can be seen here between 1 Seaforth Gardens and 3 Seaforth Gardens.



The owners of the garage proceeded to fence off the area behind the garage between the gardens that led to the plot, clearing this space clearly with a view to creating an access road. The residents in Seaforth Gardens could see what was happening but this work and the subsequent demolition of the garage could not be stopped as these works fell under permitted development.


The residents had no choice but to stand by knowing that these preparations were being made prior to a planning application for the land. It is our understanding there is a covenant covering the gardens that back on to Grovelands but this apparently would not stop a planning application being made or even being granted.

We believe that if the planning application was granted would be set a precedent which would allow this sort of development to be approved across Winchmore Hill and the resulting overdevelopment of the area through backdoor/back garden development.


The planning application has now been made which you can view here (this link directly into the planning application page) it appears that the consultation and chance to comment is over but I am assured they have extended the deadline to at least the 20th October so please do comment. The number of the application is 20/02863/FUL if you want to search for it directly on Enfield’s Planning Portal you can click here. (this links to the main search page where you will need to put in the application number).

If you agree with us that this development should not be allowed please go to the planning website and object to this planning application.

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