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Fox Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme

Fox Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) came into force at the beginning of September and like other LTNs such as the one in Bowes Park there has been a great deal of unhappiness it seems from those both within the LTN whose lives’ and wellbeing it was aimed at improving and those trying to get round it as part of their day to day travels. It is clear that as expected a huge amount of traffic builds up on the main roads either side of the LTN causing a standstill around Palmers Green and Southgate one assumes greatly increasing the pollution either side of the LTN and for the people who live and work on these main roads. It also of course has an impact on emergency services despite the fact that they are in theory meant to be able to access the barriers when needed with keys.

The response to the Bowes Park LTN has been one of outrage and disbelief at a scheme that forces many of the residents to have no choice but to enter and exit their roads from the North Circular. There was a protest and a march as you can see from the photo below.

While the WHRA understands and sympathises with the intention of these schemes to force traffic from speeding along cut throughs to more major roads we are also very sceptical of the effectiveness of these schemes in the long term (Wandsworth council is in the process of removing their LTNs). These schemes are temporary but it remains to be seen whether Enfield will accept what is likely to be overwhelming evidence and strong public opinion to remove them when the “trial” period expires. We are concerned that Winchmore Hill could be the focus of Enfield’s next set of LTNs and while we have traffic issues that do need resolving this is unlikely to be the solution best suited for our area.

If you feel strongly that LTNs should be withdrawn then we would draw your attention to a petition that has been started by someone in Palmers Green on and is currently around the 4,000 signature mark. It can be accessed here.

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