Winchmore Hill Residents Association is a non-political group run by residents, who seek to protect the quality of life in Winchmore Hill, now and for future generations

WHRA Corona Virus Support


The WHRA is following on from many other communities and organisations around the country to work together in order to help those in our area who will be most affected by the Corona virus whether through self-isolation or as result of contracting the virus.You may have seen cut out cards like the one above or had other similar ones put through your door already.

We want to act as a central resource and database for people who are prepared to help someone in need in their road.We are looking for members and anyone else who lives in the Winchmore Hill area who would like to do this for their road. To volunteer please click here to fill in a quick form and we will be in touch.

Please don’t download and distribute these or other cut out cards ideally until you have been in touch and we ask you to distribute them,we want to avoid 3 or 4 people all printing these out and distributing them simultaneously. Once we have at least one person per road we will then ask them to print these or can supply them if need be and then this person would be the contact for the road along with other helpers who volunteer subsequently.

Below we have a list of the roads with volunteers and then in the future if someone needs help (and may have lost this cut out card!) they can look on the website and contact that person direct (if you wish to share contact details) or via email where we can share the volunteer’s details with them.

Here is a list of people who have already said they would help along with their contact details and the road on which they live. It is skewed towards the Grange Park area as they have been active there already in finding people locally through the Grange Park Residents Association. Please still volunteer if you want to and even if there is already someone on your road. The more volunteers we can get the easier it will be to share the responsibility if there are people needing help on any particular road.

Bazile Road – Seema Sodha 07958 713 282

Beechdale Road – Jo Fuller 07766 954004

Broad Walk -John Winchmore 07741 633 197

Cadogan Gardens – Martin Pratt  07986 295 038

Cranleigh Gardens – Paul Kennedy – 07788 972 539

Cheyne Walk -Esther Douglas  07802 349 706

Green Dragon Lane – Eda Ayyildiz – 07747 622 164

Landra Gardens – Andreas Chrysanthou 07956 924 502

Langham Gardens – Sharon Edwards 07957 446 519

Maxim Road Cos – 13 Maxim Road

Old Park Ridings – Jason Cole – 07500 787 424 (from the Church up to the roundabout)

Onslow Gardens – Rossanna Georgiou 07961 123 273

Park Drive – Michelle Gower  07834 770 883  or  Andy Mead 07950 749 388

Seaforth Gardens – Helen Innes 07909 930 267

Station Road – Ed Balleny 07958 316 424

Uplands Way – Mary Gillmore  07973 320 798

Vera Ave – Karen Hosker  07947 045 109

Please forward this email to anyone you know locally that may want to help or alternatively may need help in the future. Please encourage as many people as possible to sign up to become a member of the WHRA and let them know there is no cost currently and it only takes a minute or to do this via our sign up form here and we can keep them in the loop about this and other matters affecting our community. 

This is a very worrying time for all of us but we are hoping that as a community we can come together to help out neighbours in difficulty and we can all work together to get through this as smoothly as possible.

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