Winchmore Hill Residents' Association


The Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association welcomes new members.

There are two ways to join WHRA, or to renew your subscription, using this website.

There are two ways you can join WHRA:

  1. You can print off a copy of our Membership Application Form and send it to us by post, together with a cheque for the appropriate amount
  2. OR

  3. Join via our online form and send us a cheque – instructions on form.

*** GoCardless Direct Debit is coming soon. Please pay by cheque in the meantime. Sorry for the delay ***

We use GoCardless, a secure, online company, which specialises in handling direct debits for organisations such as ours. (For more information about GoCardless, go to the GoCardless website.)

If you would like to join and help look after our part of Enfield we would be delighted to hear from you.

Residents’ associations are effective as they carry the weight of opinion of all their members and this is recognised by many organisations and the Council.

We are consulted about ideas and proposals prior to their implementation and we are in the forefront of bringing the Council’s attention to various matters which affect the residents and their activities.

Benefits of membership are:

  • Involvement in community issues
  • A clear voice direct to your Councillors and MP
  • Clear information on current issues

We look forward to your support in becoming a member, as the more members we have the greater our influence.